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Best Chiropractor Near Me in Branson, MO. Hill Family Chiropractic.


Frequently Asked Questions We Often Receive

What are the chiropractor’s education and experience?

Each chiropractor has a four year degree before four more years of post-graduate college to earn their doctorate. In addition to the average chiropractor, our chiropractors have had 100s of hours of additional training in pediatric care, sports chiropractic, extremity adjusting, and health and wellness coaching.

How long is each appointment, and how often will I need to visit?

Our typical appointment is between 7 and 15 minutes long depending on the business of the office and what all you are scheduled for. If you are scheduled for extra methods of care, your appointment time will likely last even longer.

What is the chiropractor’s cancellation policy?

Our team and doctors set aside time to do your New Patient Exam. In order to protect your time and ours, we do have a cancellation charge. If, for any reason, you are unable to make it for your appointment, please call us more than 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule it for you. If you must cancel within less than 24 hours of your appointment time or if you don’t show for your appointment there will be a $25 cancellation charge. We will ask for your credit card information at the time of scheduling.

Does the chiropractor use any specific techniques?

The technique used is specific to the patient. We have been trained in a number of different techniques and utilize the technology of the one that will help our patient get the best results. Some of those techniques include: diversified, Thompson, activator, and upper cervical.

What is the chiropractor’s policy on missed appointments?

Patients on a care plan: If you miss an appointment, our office will automatically move your appointment to a different day at a similar time and notify you. You can call or text to change that appointment. If you acquire three missed appointments that you have not confirmed a “Make Up Date” for, we will alert you with a 3-Strike Letter. The doctor will then attempt to contact you to discuss your health goals and your care plan. If we are unable to contact you, or you are unable to make up those appointments, your account will be closed, and a closing letter with a financial statement will be mailed to your address on file.

Patients not on a care plan: If you miss a pay per visit appointment, we will cancel that appointment from our schedule. It will be up to you to call and reschedule an appointment.

How do I schedule my first appointment?

Simply call 417-339-3978 and tell them you saw our website and would like to schedule a new patient exam. Our team members will be happy to guide you through the rest of the scheduling process.

What should I expect during my initial examination?

The new patient exam visit typically takes 60-70 minutes. A new patient exam costs $130 in our office but if you let us know you saw our website that price will be 50% off ($65). This price includes a detail scan of your nervous system, posture consultation with the Doctor and a spinal exam. If the doctor recommends getting x-rays, those will be an additional $45 per view. Our adjustments are $55.

What should I wear for my new patient exam?

The scans we perform in our office will require you to remove any clothing and underwear above your waist. It is recommended to not wear a dress or jumper that may be difficult to remove partially. We do, however, have medical gowns that can be used to help you feel more comfortable if necessary.

Will the chiropractor adjust me during my first appointment?

No. We schedule your first adjustment on the second visit so the doctors can analyze your underlying issue and the proper adjustment to fit your specific needs.

How long until I can expect to see results from my first visit?

You can expect results as soon as we start care after finding the root cause of your problem. How your body responds to care depends greatly on how severe your problem is and how long you’ve had that problem.

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Best Chiropractor Near Me in Branson, MO. Hill Family Chiropractic.
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